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Best of: Bloodflowers

Started by dsanchez, March 25, 2006, 14:52:40

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which is your favourite song in this album?

Out Of This World
15 (16%)
Watching Me Fall
8 (8.5%)
Where The Birds Always Sing
2 (2.1%)
Maybe Someday
12 (12.8%)
Last Day Of Summer, The
17 (18.1%)
There Is No If...
3 (3.2%)
Loudest Sound, The
5 (5.3%)
7 (7.4%)
25 (26.6%)

Total Members Voted: 89


Choose your favourite song for this album!, and write down WHY do you think it's great.


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"Out of This World" is one of the best The Cure's ever released. The lyrics really remind me of a relationship I had with a girl who, you guessed it, I lost. Very pretty song.
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


There Is No If... is simply stunning.  I love the rhythym that Robert plays and the perfect little distorted guitar throughout the 2nd part of the song, not to mention Robert's typically heartbreaking lyrics.
"... sleeping less every night"


Quote from: splitmilk34 on March 27, 2006, 15:07:32
There Is No If... is simply stunning.  I love the rhythym that Robert plays and the perfect little distorted guitar throughout the 2nd part of the song, not to mention Robert's typically heartbreaking lyrics.

Hell Yeah!!! There Is No If...Robert's voice are so terrific!
"Thick As Shit"


Last day of summer, the most dark song of the album for me!
Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


39  the guitar is just awesome on that song!:rocker


"This dream never ends...."

Such a fantastic song. I wish the opening drum beat (with the bass drum just thumping) was mixed louder throughout the song, and I think that live (such as in the Trilogy shows), the keys were much too loud. But the lyrics are really great, I think.

But really, I love every single song on Bloodflowers. It's an incredible album. So great is it that I consider the worst song on it to be Where the Birds Always Sing. Which is also great.

The point is, this poll needs to be reopened so I can vote for BLOODFLOWERS!
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tough to choose one above another.. but my top choice is .. There is no If..
I love the lyrics and Robert's voice..

then closely followed by 39, then Out of this world..
Seventeen seconds
A measure of life


Amazing album, full of passion! :smth049
I choosed "BLOODFLOWERS", for the lyrics and because Robert sings in a very passional way...this song takes me away.... :roll:

But I was very close to vote "The Last Day Of Summer" and "There Is No If"! :smth020

These polls are always very difficult for me, ahahah!!!  :smth017 :-D
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"The Loudest Sound" beautiful melancholic song. Robert's guitar solo is great too.


"The Last Day of Summer" ... because it sits where the album is really sinking in and hitting its stride, so to speak.
The same way "Last Dance" sort of fits on Disintegration.
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"The last day of summer" pure poetry!!! He wrote this song because he was reaching his autumn...

spring (0-20), summer (20-40), autumn (40-60), winter (60-?)
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I've voted for Bloodflowers, because of the pro and contra in the lyrics.
And the way Robert sings the words. I love the whole album  :)


a tough case since i consider 'bloodflowers' more like one single album-long "mood piece" than a collection of individual songs.
i'll vote for 'maybe someday' even if it's not the best song there - but it's the one that for me is full of special meaning and memories. i always really liked many of the remixes of this song too.

(by the way, should 'coming up' be included? maybe not... anyway, i usually listen to the australian version because i really love that song, even though it sort of sticks out of the rest of the album.)
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I voted for The Last Day Of Summer because i'm listening to it right now and it makes me feel sad but sad is happy for deep people.