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Best of: Three Imaginary Boys

Started by dsanchez, March 25, 2006, 15:00:03

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which is the best song in this album?

10:15 Saturday Night
17 (30.9%)
2 (3.6%)
Grinding Halt
3 (5.5%)
Another Day
3 (5.5%)
1 (1.8%)
Subway Song
1 (1.8%)
Foxy Lady
0 (0%)
1 (1.8%)
So What
0 (0%)
Fire In Cairo
6 (10.9%)
It's Not You
3 (5.5%)
Three Imaginary Boys
18 (32.7%)

Total Members Voted: 54


Choose your favourite song for this album!, and write down WHY do you think it's great.


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"Three Imaginary Boys" - sounds like it should've been on 17 Seconds, and is better than 80% of that album.  The guitar solo is stunning - completely abrasive, but melodically it's classic Robert.
"... sleeping less every night"


"10:15 Saturday Night" is my favorite. The "Drip, drip, drip...." parts are so catchy.
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


okey dokey..
this is one of my favourite albums... :rocker

TOP song :
10:15 Saturday night ..... one of the songs that 'lured' me to The Cure!!
next... 3IB of course!!, then have to be Grinding Halt
Seventeen seconds
A measure of life


'10.15 Saturday night' is my favourite from this album... a great song !  :smth023
Always keep a dark space in your heart


Fatter than Bob, balder than Porl, as sober as Simon, as amusing as Jason


Fire in Cairo.

THe twangy guitar sound's great in this one.


Three Imaginary Boys for me - so melodic and wistful,almost doesn't fit with the rest of the album. Agree that it could've been on 17 Seconds,

but also love
10:15 Saturday Night - a classic,what more can I say?
Grinding Halt - never fails to make me jump around the room like a mad idiot...
It's Not You - love the dirty guitar and the bass line,reminds me of my days as a post punk youngster!

Sorry, I'm finding it impossible to limit myself to just one fave...
The further we go, and older we grow, the more we know the less we show


Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


I should say foxy LADY, ahahah!! :lol:

No, I choose THREE IMAGINARY BOYS because it makes me fly.... and GRINDING HALT because it's pure energy, especially live..."one two three fouuur!....", it's so cool!!! :rocker
Lost forever in a happy crowd!
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From the original release I'd have to go with Grinding Halt.  If we were selecting from the deluxe version my pick would be Play With Me.  I really dig that track.  :rocker  Might be because I've heard the songs that made the album so many times and it's nice to hear something "new".  Now, had the the final edit of I'm Cold been included, THAT would easily be my choice as it's one of my favorite songs of all time.  Still, I wonder how some songs that were obvious filler made the album while songs that could stand have been a successful single were omitted  :?


there are quite a few on the deluxe I would include.. i love ' I want to be old".. it sounds like a sex pistols song.. plus 'I'm Cold'!!  LOVE these.. :smth023

Play with me.. oohh yeah.. throw in World War and Faded Smiles.. I listen to this deluxe the most!!  :smth020

that's why maybe good reason to re-open polls.. on originally relaeased and re-mastered/deluxe editions?? Too many to choose from..!  :rocker
Seventeen seconds
A measure of life


Quote from: scatcat on December 22, 2007, 18:15:31

that's why maybe good reason to re-open polls.. on originally relaeased and re-mastered/deluxe editions?? Too many to choose from..!  :rocker

You could always create a new poll to include the deluxe versions  ;)


10 15,

first Cure song I´ve ever heard...no doubt, that is may fav.   


Three Imaginary Boys is my favourite, i love it so much, its almost haunting and it sticks in my head for days  :smth020